In Loving Memory...


(Ch Glenire Frederick Thomas)

Goodbye Fred


15th March 2002 – 5th October 2012


Canadian Kennel Club Champion,  Molosser Club of Canada  BISS Ch, United Kennel Club (USA) Ch & Top Ten, Canine Federation of Canada  Ch Glenire Frederick Thomas (Ch Glenire Chiana x Ch Laudley Diamond at Glenire). Grandson of BISS Ch Lydaub Musketeer of Glenire.


 ‘Walking from the past into the future’

His last afternoon, with Jerome our grandson.


Valerie Toth                                                                            Emily Toth Tamminga                                                    


Our very sad news is that we had to say goodbye to Emily’s top show dog Multi Ch Glenire Frederick Thomas (‘Fred’) at only 10 ½, on the Friday of our Thanksgiving. It all happened very quickly. He stopped eating well the previous weekend and I though ‘He is looking old suddenly’. On the Monday our vet found that the lump in his neck that she had drained in January had come up again, possibly a salivary gland cyst. She drained it again and put him on antibiotics but by Wednesday his whole neck was swollen so much that he was having trouble breathing. An ultrasound the next day at the Guelph vet college showed a ‘mass’ pushing his esophagus and trachea to one side and involving his thyroid. They dared not do a needle biopsy without a CT scan and I was not prepared to put such an old dog through that. Emily, Katie and I spent some quality time with him on the way home and he managed to drink a Wendy’s frosty and most of the meat from our hamburgers and chicken nuggets. We put him down on the Friday afternoon as our vet did not think that he would last the weekend. We had her do a necropsy and the mass was an enormous abscess of undetermined origin preventing him breathing or eating normally.

Fred’s sire China is still with us at over twelve and his grandsire Grainger (BISS Ch Lydaub Musketeer of Glenire) lived to almost 14.

This spring at ten years old Fred sired a small litter by his old girlfriend MakeMe, also ten. I had looked out of the window and saw the flirting going in the Paddock and though ‘Silly old dogs’ and left them to it. The male pup Ulysses was due to go as a working dog to a farm in Quebec but had to tell them ‘Sorry, I am keeping him’, even though his original puppy name was ‘Ugly’, now ‘Uli’.



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