In Loving Memory...


(Ch Laudley Diamond at Glenire (GRB) "Libby")

July 20, 2006

Tomorrow a beautiful life will end. I know that it is best for her and I know that her suffering will end; I know that I will miss her and I know that she lives on; that there will never be another like her and that there never was before.

A dog who never took “no” for an answer; a dog who never met a person she didn’t like. One who had a smile for each and every thing she ever saw. She bulldozed her way past all defenses and even the prickliest person would hug her.

Never one to let something as simple as the bag and cellophane get in the way of her Peak Freen habit. She shoved her way into every heart and every cookie box.

It never occurred to her to fight; she always knew she was Alpha. Any group of girls behaved when she was out with them. She even tried to friendly up with the cats.

She gave love everywhere she went; her passing will be mourned by many. We can all learn something from her. “Greet each person like they already love you and greet each trial as if you have already triumphed.”


Ch., Alt.Ch. Laudley Diamond at Glenire

1995 – 2006

2nd Top Altered dog 2005 (Rare Breed Club of Southwestern Ontario)


May her Spirit live on at Glenire forever.


A paw in the lap and

A bump on the arm.

A lean into your leg and

A soulful brown stare.

Demands to be petted

No one could refuse.

 - Emily Toth






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