In Loving Memory Of

China and Folly

We are sad to report that we lost both China and Folly this week (week of June 15, 2013).

China was 13yrs old in March and Folly was 13yrs old in June. Both are now buried at Glenire Acres where they were born.


Folly is buried next to her parents Harlie and Dinah.


"Folly' - Glenire Dinah's Folly
Glenire Rabka (Harlie) x Glenire Xingu (Dinah)
Born 08 June 2000


 China is buried out in the tree line next to the pasture where so many of his sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters learnt their trade and went on to become the best Livestock Guardians available. His son Ned carries on the show side but is also producing good working dogs.

"China" - Champion Glenire Chiana
BISS Ch Lydaub Musketeer of Glenire (GRB) (Grainger) x Glenire Rinda (Perdita)
Born 06 March 2000

'Rest well dear dogs, you were loved and had a good life'.

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