In Loving Memory Of



from the parents of: Ch Kerry de Nickabeau, "Kerry"  x  Glenire Teora, "Gale"

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Diggitty (1999-2010)
Diggitty at his favourite place, the off leash dog park in Brampton

Thank you Diggitty for being such a great dog! You lived a long life and you were loved by many. Now it is time for you to play in the dog parks in the sky, and you can have all the pizza crusts you want. Time for you to join your good friends Pico, Blazer, Conan, Diesel and all the others.

You were my first dog and I wanted you since I was a teenager. As soon as I had a house, I went and got you right away. You were such a good puppy and you brought such joy to my life. You made me fall in love with the Great Pyrenees breed and you were nothing but gentle and majestic. Your niece Hopscotch joined us in our family 2 years later and we were complete.

it was a very sad day for me when I had to find another home for you and Hoppy. I have thought of you both every day since then. I am glad you were able to live out your "retirement years" with people that loved you as much as I did. I am very happy I was able to spend some time with you before you left this earth.

You touched the lives of the Waldron and the Slater families deeply and everyone that knew us. 

Thank you for being such a wonderful pet. Rest in Peace my bear

Dressed up for Halloween, he had many costumes over the years.


Hopscotch with Diggitty - Uncle and Niece



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