In Loving Memory Of



2008 - 2018

Never before have we had an animal that gave so much, and asked so little.

For his 8 years with us on our horse farm in Niagara, Neville kept all in his watch, safe and unharmed.  No coyote would dare step on the property while he was there.

He was truly a perfect gentleman, a little wary of strangers, devoted to the safety of his smaller canine charges, and even the pet sheep and pot bellied pig on the property. From a sound sleep on our back porch, he would spring to his feet, big bark the first yip of a coyote in the distance.

And of all our dogs, it was Neville who was the most accepting of the new baby brought into the home. He was kind, gentle and brave.

He was admired by all those who came to the farm, and dearly loved by those he let into his inner circle of friends. We miss him so.

Marilyn lee-Hannah
Sherwood Farm


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