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Phable was from the Phracs x Sparkle, born March 2001, not actually bred by Glenire but sold for June Anderson.

Phable, greeted every new person with a paw, if they raised their hand below his chin. With the touch of this beautiful animals paw you were by default another within his potential one who would be protected and given the love that he provided. He was a friend to everyone we knew and who visited our domain

Phable, moved from my dog to my wifeís Carolís dog as I was travelling for 1 full year at a time so she saw what the most wonderful traits and positive protector this beautiful breed called Pyrenees was.

 I know that when I came home on the weekends Phable did take a little time off as he knew I would take on part of the Alpha role and protect. He greeted each weekend at the door with a silent cry that said I miss you.

I loved Phable more than anything any human could love, and Iím sure Carol would say the same as he was much much more than a dog.

For those who read this, please understand that Phable would not beg for food, he would not take food off the table, at Christmas time we left candy, cakes etc: and he would never eat any of it. Phable never knocked over or caused anything to be spilt which is amazing due to his size, as he would go backwards out of a tight spot like a truck and never disturb a thing, he was simply amazing.

Now with every great story of a dog, Phable did once get into trouble at his grandmotherís house. Phable decided he was hungry and ate the cheese and cracker plate J

Phable:  Carol & I love you, so please be good to those who you are with now - Dave

(Dave and Carol O'Marra)

My memories of Phable include him lying at the top of the second floor stairs where he had a clear view of the front door and who was coming into the house - what a guard dog!; how Phable sought security in his crate if feeling anxious about something but spent most of his day lying on your bed; he enjoyed being brushed (thank goodness) and cuddled; he loved snow....and mud; Phable would get a burst of energy and start running around the backyard, right through Mom's flower garden; you replaced the backyard grass with flagstone but left a grassy plot that you named "Phable's Island" so he had somewhere to go toilet; it was Phable that made me realize that dogs can see the colour yellow; if Phable saw a person he didn't know or felt was threatening he would move between you and that person to protect you; when Phable and I walked around the neighbourhood, children would ask if he was a polar bear; he liked to chew the appendages off his stuffed toys - so they couldn't run away?; Phable was a good judge of doggy character - he liked Barnie; he was the only dog I knew that didn't want to go for a walk - he didn't want to leave his home unprotected; Phable was beautiful to look at but it was the way he looked at you that told you what a loving, loyal and faithful companion he was.

We will never forget Phable and are heartsick to hear of his passing. There is nothing you wouldn't have done for him. If love could have cured him, Phable would have lived forever.

Our sincerest and deepest sympathy to both you and Carol, and to your family members that also loved Phable.

John and Liz      

(Liz was Phable's first dog walker, she was such a great person and walker and Phable loved her so. We moved and Liz could not make it to our new house to walk the big guy. Her dog Barney came on many walks with Phable and he protected Barnie.)

What a lovely memorial of Phable!  I will always remember him as the most gentle and sensitive dog I've ever met..  Even though he was stressed when he visited me, he was always a perfect gentleman.  I'm positive he will always be with you in spirit and will watch over you and your family until that day when you will be all be reunited.  Take care and be comforted knowing that he knows how much he was loved and cherished.

Julie Miles -

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