In Loving Memory Of


Shawna and Galahad


We want to give our deepest sympathies to our friends Cathy and Alan for the loss of their Pyr Shawna and then soon after, Galahad.

Shawna's ashes will be buried at our farm April 14, 2013, with a flowering tree as a memorial. Galahad's ashes will be buried soon afterward.

Shawna (both photos to the left) was from the Phracs x Sparkle litter, born March 2001, (not actually bred by Glenire but sold for June Anderson)
Left two photos: A young Galahad with big sister Shawna and a grown up Galahad with his kitty friend.

Galahad is from the Crissy x Kuno litter  (Glenire Crystal x Glenire Brelzu) Born December 20, 2003


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