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Puppy (7 weeks)

Adolescent - at 18 months (left) and 6 months (3 on right)

Fully Developed Adult







Glenire Bidho - The first Great Pyrenees bred by Glenire Reg.

CKC Ch. Renean Azalea of Glenire (Dell) x Eng Ch. Pondtail Zborowski (Jason) - Born May 1965




We provide puppies, young adults and older adults of the Great Pyrenees breed. We provide dogs for companions, show and for livestock guardians.

All of our dogs are fed a home prepared, fresh food diet. All puppies are temperament tested and carefully raised with lots of individual attention.

Training, behavior and health advice always willingly available to purchasers.

All of our puppies get free boarding the first year, for holidays

Our replacement/assistance health guarantee has no time limit and is for any problem that is inherited (genetic) or born with (congenital).
We care about our puppies and their owners and are available at all times to help and advise.

All of our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and health certifications are done regularly.

We show our dogs.

Please contact us if you are interested in a Great Pyrenees, if you wish to inquire about cost or if you have any other questions.











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