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Older puppies or adult dogs transfer easily to a new family as their inheritance is to guard a group and their new family are just added to their "flock"...and they revel in extra attention!

An older pup or adult dog can be a better choice for some homes. An older pup is less work than an 8 week old puppy. A very small pup is cute, but you must have the time and the commitment to raise it to be a well behaved and sensible adult. 

An older pup's personality is easy to see, and you will pick the dog that is best for your family. Also, an older pup will have more bladder and bowel control.

All of the puppies at Glenire Acres Farm receive training and are introduced to other people and dogs. An older puppy will be more trained, socialized and calm than a younger dog.

Please feel free to call and talk with us about our dogs, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Fees are negotiable for older puppies and adult dogs.

If you are interested in a show dog, an altered dog is still a good choice. For more information, contact the Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario for show classes, for spayed and neutered dogs (all breeds)

These dogs are not "rescue" dogs...They have a good home at Glenire until they find their permanent home. All of our dogs are healthy and happy.

Click here to visit The Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario if you are interested in a rescue dog.














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