Where are they now?

Here are some of Glenire Acres dogs that have gone on to live great lives in their new homes...

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Our Great Pyrenees Litters

Grainger X Perdita "C" Litter
Harlie, Dinah and Folly "D" Litter
Kuno x Chrissy "G" litter
Fred x MakeMe "H" Litter
Fred X Crissy "I" Litter Page 1 and Page 2
Crissy x Fred "J" Litter
Tom X Bonnie "L" Litter
Bonnie x China "N" Litter
Haley X Kuno litter
Nokaoi x Jestin Noah's Inspiration "Q" Litter
Pepsi x Grainger "U" litter
Kerry x Perdita "V" Litter
Phracs X Sparkle litter
Jemma x China "P" Litter
Rista x China "Q" Litter
R litter - coming soon!
Layna x Neville "S" Litter
Layna x Quigley "X" Litter


Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Litters

Lad x Rosie Litter
Albert x Charlotte Litter
Rosie x Kunrad Litter
Sophia x Theodore Litter
Roger x Solo Litter
Snicket x In Like Flynn Litter
Snicket x Theodore Litter
Roger x Solo (page 2) Litter
Teddi and Theodore Litter
Sophia x Ace "G" Litter
Battie x Wizard "F" Litter
Diggle x Snicket "H" Litter
Teddi x Liam "P" Litter
Diggle x Teddi "M litter"

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