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Fred (Glenire Frederick Thomas) X Crissy (Glenire Crystal)

"I" Litter

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(Glenire Isadora) is now named "Issy" and lives in Nova Scotia. This is a photo of her with her new Dad Trevor Richardson. Issy is joining her new sister, another one of our Great Pyrenees dogs, guarding the Richardson sheep farm.

Glenire Isadorable "Isa", is settling in very well with her new family. She guards Vineyard Alpacas in Beamsville, Ontario. Isa finds her new Alpaca family a bit intimidating, and no wonder, they can be silly at times, charging around, bucking and pronking. http://www.vineyardalpacas.com/




                                              Vincy                                                                        Rally ( Rally is from Glenire's Grainger and Libby, born in 1998)

Invincible "Vincy", is working out really well watching over the Alpacas at the Arriba Linea Farm. He learned the ropes from his new friend Rally and Vincy can now take over and let Rally live out her years in retirement. Vincy is loved by Lori Jones and Tom Vanhanen.



Horace (Iggy) is loved and settled in well with the Lyons' family.

(Horace's predecessor "Goblin", was Glenire Shane, from our S litter of Yvonne x Grainger, November 20, 1994.)

Indiana Jones (aka Indy) is loving his new job as night watchman of the sheep with his pal Gilderoy (Gilderoy seen above behind Indy). Indy lives at Newhope Acres with the Guthrie family and is a great guardian dog.

Glenire Imperial (Impy) lives with and is shown by Kate Goliboski of Brantford, Ontario

 Impy was rated 3rd top Great Pyrenees in UKC for 2007. 

Imp competed In Kalmazoo, Michigan at the United Kennel Club 'Premier' show on June 13, 2008 and won to finish his title. He is now working on completing his altered Championship





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